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Quetiapine is excreted into human milk. The manufacturer has advised that women receiving this medication ought to not breast-feed.

Limited information indicates that parental quetiapine dosages of around 400 milligrams daily fruit and vegetables reduced degrees in milk. Due to the fact that there is little publicised experience with quetiapine throughout breastfeeding and also little long-term follow-up data, various other representatives may be preferred, specifically while nursing a preterm or newborn baby.

Maternal Levels. One mom took oral quetiapine 200 milligrams daily throughout pregnancy and postpartum. At 3 weeks postpartum, milk examples were taken. The ordinary milk level over the 6-hour dosage period was 13 mcg/L. A peak milk quetiapine level of 62 mcg/L happened at 1 hour after the dosage. The writers estimated that an exclusively breastfed infant would certainly get 0.09 % of the weight-adjusted parental dose typically, with a "worst-case"dosage (presuming all nursing was at the peak attention) of 0.43 % of weight-adjusted maternal dosage.

6 nursing moms which were 6.5 to 18.5 weeks postpartum were taking quetiapine in doses of 25 to 400 mg daily along with an antidepressant for significant depression postpartum. Milk examples gotten at numerous times after the dose had undetected (